Hey I'm Bri

About your Instructor

Hey, I'm Briana (you can call me Bri) I am your Zumbini Instructor. I love to dance, move, and sing (not quite Mariah Carey style though).

I did dancing as a kid and absolutely loved it. I'm still the first to start the dancefloor off at a party, and the last to leave as you can probably see from my picture. Music makes me so happy and I feel it can take you anywhere you want it to take you.

Being a new mum to my firstborn Savannah, I have incorporated dance from day dot. I was playing Craig David in the car from before Savannah was born, and now with amazing Zumbini tunes, we dance in the living room all day. 

Being part of an amazing Mother's Group I realised the importance of support. The mums in my mother's group have been so supportive, and so inspirational that I realised heaps of other mums out there might not have the support or bonding opportunities with their child - hence Zumbini. 

It's so much fun, and you'll love the movement, music and the bonding experience you will get with your child.