What is Zumbini?

Zumbini is a one stop shop for moving, grooving, and bonding with your baby. It's not about the children in the classes and the ages they are, but more so what they will be doing in the class and how important spending quality time with you is. ‚Äč

The classes go for 45 minutes and include children from 0 - 4 years old. Zumbini is about giving your child the opportunity to express themselves through amazing music and incorporate movement with instruments.


How is Zumbini different?

Well apart from the fact you have an amazing Instructor in Briana here are some other ways we're different from other kids and toddler activities:

  1. We have a TV Show with national/daily reach that to help support what is taught in class and increase familiarity with the music.
  2. All music and characters are completely original.
  3. Our curriculum leverages a carefully-calculated balance of movement and seated musical activities (evidence in our songs e.g. Like a Kangaroo, Watch me, Breakfast, U R My Echo).
  4. Our curriculum unlike others calls for more movement as we move, sing, dance around the space.
  5. We start our classes with a dance to encourage a vibrant and energetic start to Zumbini class.
  6. We are less focused on actual learning of music e.g. how to read but instead focus on music and movement to facilitate a variety of social and developmental benefits.
  7. It's brought to you by a super successful program in ZUMBA!